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Baltimore’s: Most Dangerous Neighborhoods to Avoid

City’s Most Dangerous Spots

According to SouthWestJournal, Baltimore is a city with good and bad areas. Some neighborhoods are very dangerous and need to be careful in. I want to tell you about the 10 most dangerous neighborhoods in Baltimore.

Crime Rate Skyrockets in Cherry Hill

Cherry Hill is the most dangerous neighborhood. It’s very bad and has a lot of crime. People should stay away from this area.

West Baltimore: A Hub for Crime and Danger

West Baltimore is another bad neighborhood. It’s also very dangerous and has a lot of crime. Visitors should be very careful when walking around this area.

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Baltimore’s: Most Dangerous Neighborhoods to Avoid (PHOTO: GOOGLE)

Other neighborhoods that are also dangerous include

* Greenmount East
* Fairfield District
* Pulaski District
* Brooklyn-Curtis Bay District
* Madison-Eastend District
* Greater Rosemont District
* Orangeville District

Baltimore’s Most Crime-Prone Neighborhoods: What You Need to Know

Some neighborhoods in Baltimore have more crime than others. If you’re visiting or living in these areas, you should be extra careful. Neighborhoods like Cherry Hill and Greenmount East have more crime. To stay safe, make sure to take precautions and be aware of your surroundings. This will help you have a better experience in Baltimore.

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