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Kentucky’s 10 Most Dangerous Cities: What You Need to Know Before You Move

Kentucky’s Most Dangerous Cities in 2024

Stay Informed and Stay Safe in Kentucky’s Most Dangerous Cities

In Kentucky, known for its spirited Wildcats fans and legendary distilleries there are certain cities pose significant safety risks. According to Southwest Journal, 74 cities in the state were examined using FBI crime reports to assess violent and property crime rates. The findings highlighted a troubling trend: crime in Kentucky has surged past the national average over the past four years. Louisville emerged as the most dangerous city and even featuring among the most dangerous cities nationwide exacerbated by a tragic downtown shooting. If you live in one of Kentucky’s safer areas consider yourself lucky. For those thinking of moving it’s wise to review this list of the state’s ten most dangerous cities to avoid ending up in a perilous situation.

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Most Dangerous Cities in Kentucky 2024

Bowling Green

In Bowling Green, Kentucky residents face significant safety concerns as it tops the list as the state’s most dangerous city for 2022. With 247 violent crimes reported in 2020 including 71 robberies personal safety and property security are major issues. Despite its reputation for Corvette production the city sees a notable number of car thefts, totaling 317 incidents in the same year.

Oak Grove

Oak Grove, though smaller with a population of 7,299 grapples with its own crime challenges. In 2020, residents reported 169 larcenies, 38 burglaries, and 28 stolen vehicles. Despite its tranquil appearance the Oak Grove Police Department remains vigilant in tackling property crimes reflecting broader safety concerns in this community.


Mayfield which is known for its unique attractions like Cartwright Grove also faces the harsh reality of being the third most dangerous city in Kentucky as of 2024. With troubling statistics including a high murder rate and significant incidents of rape, Mayfield struggles with crime amidst socioeconomic challenges. Its ranking as one of the state’s least desirable places to live underscores ongoing safety issues.


Shively is a stop on Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail also contends with alarming crime rates particularly in violent crime categories. In 2020 alone the city reported 30 aggravated assaults, 35 robberies, and 8 rapes prompting residents to remain cautious and vigilant for their personal safety.


Paducah was historically significant but is now burdened with a reputation as one of Kentucky’s most dangerous cities and faces persistent crime issues. The city’s sixth-place ranking for total crime is driven by a high incidence of property crimes including nearly a thousand reported in 2020. Paducah’s tragic history includes a notorious school shooting in 1997 that shook the nation and continues to shape discussions on community safety.


Newport is a city in Kentucky that is nestled across the Ohio River from Cincinnati grapples with its proximity to urban crime challenges despite its suburban vibe. With a population under 15,000 Newport recorded high rates of sexual assaults and arson incidents highlighting ongoing safety concerns in this city.


Owensboro is a place celebrated for its music and culinary culture also contends with being the seventh-most dangerous city in Kentucky. Despite its attractions Owensboro saw a significant number of property crimes in 2020 including multiple car thefts and larcenies. A tragic quadruple homicide in 2019 underscored the city’s ongoing struggle with violent crime.


Maysville situated along the Ohio River in northeastern Kentucky faces persistent crime issues that contribute to its ranking as the eighth most dangerous city in the state. With property crime a particular concern Maysville continues to address safety challenges despite its scenic location and historical significance.


Winchester located near Lexington emphasizes the importance of securing belongings due to its high incidence of burglaries and robberies. In 2020 alone Winchester residents reported multiple incidents highlighting ongoing safety efforts in this part of Kentucky.


Middlesboro rounding out the list ranks among Kentucky’s most dangerous places to live despite a relatively low number of violent crimes. The city reported several aggravated assaults and rapes in 2020 contributing to its overall safety challenges that residents must navigate.

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