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Big Sky, Big Crime: The Most Dangerous Cities in Montana Revealed

Discover the Hidden Dangers of Big Sky Country

According to SouthWestJournal, Montana is a state in the US that is known for its natural beauty. But, it also has some cities that are not safe. RoadSnacks, a company that studies crime rates, looked at the numbers and found the top 10 most dangerous cities in Montana.

Crime Rates in Montana: A Closer Look

The first city on the list is Billings, which is Montana’s largest city. It has a lot of crime, including 852 violent crimes and 4,765 property crimes per 100,000 people. The capital city, Helena, is second on the list. It has a high rate of rape and 642 violent crimes per 100,000 people.

Montana’s Most Dangerous Cities: Where Crime is on the Rise

Other cities that are considered dangerous are Ronan, Polson, Havre, Cut Bank, Great Falls, Missoula, Wolf Point, and East Helena. These cities may not be well-known, but they have their own problems with crime.

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Big Sky, Big Crime: The Most Dangerous Cities in Montana Revealed (PHOTO: GOOGLE)

Finding Safety in Montana: A State-Wide Approach

The data shows that Montana’s crime rates are not the worst in the country, but there is still room for improvement. Some cities have more problems with property crime, while others have more violent crimes. East Helena is small with only 2,000 people, but it has a surprisingly high crime rate.

A Call to Action: Creating Safer Communities in Montana

It’s clear that Montana’s most dangerous cities are not just in its big cities. Crime affects many communities across the state. We need to work together to make our communities safer for everyone.

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