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Virginia Crime Rate as Of 2024

Crime Hotspots in Virginia

According to SouthWestJournal, Virginia has a rich history and different kinds of landscapes. But some parts of Virginia are not very safe. According to recent data, 10 cities in Virginia have a higher crime rate than usual. These cities are Roanoke, Martinsville, Waynesboro, Lynchburg, Hampton, Charlottesville, Winchester, Hopewell, Alexandria, and Harrisonburg.

Crime Rates Vary by City

The crime rates in these cities are different. Roanoke has the highest rate, with 44 crimes for every 1,000 people. Martinsville has the second-highest rate, with 28 crimes for every 1,000 people.

Types of Crime in Virginia Cities

Some cities have more violent crimes, while others have more property crimes. For example, Roanoke has a lot of car thefts. Charlottesville has a lot of stolen property. Alexandria and Harrisonburg have more property crimes than other cities of similar size.

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Virginia Crime Rate as Of 2024 (PHOTO: SWJ)

Staying Safe in High-Crime Cities

To stay safe in these cities, you should be careful and aware of your surroundings. Keep your belongings close and prepared for the weather. Also, learn about the local safety rules and risks.

Safety Tips for Visitors and Residents

Remember to be careful when you visit or live in these cities. By being informed and taking care, you can of yourself reduce the chance of getting hurt or having something stolen.

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