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Dangerous States In Terms of Crime Rate

New Mexico’s Crime Rate Soars

A recent study by Forbes Advisor found that New Mexico has the highest crime rate in the United States. This means that more crimes are happening in New Mexico compared to other states. On the other hand, New Hampshire has the lowest crime rate.

Decrease in Violent Crimes Rates

The study looked at how many violent crimes and property crimes are happening in each state. It also looked at how likely someone is to be a victim of a violent crime. The results show that property crimes are increasing, but violent crimes are decreasing. Many murders are happening with guns.

Regional Crime Rate Patterns

The study also found that some states have a lot of crime, while others have very little. Southern states have more crime, while states in the Northeast have less crime.

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Dangerous States In Terms of Crime Rate (PHOTO: Forbs)

Most Common Arrests

The study looked at what kinds of crimes people are getting arrested for. The most common crimes are drug-related, fighting, stealing, driving drunk, and carrying weapons.

Understanding Crime Trends

Overall, the study shows that some states have more crime than others. But there are many safe places too. By understanding where crime is happening, we can work to make our communities safer.

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