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Nashville’s Crime Rates Are Changing

Violent Crimes Down, Rape Reports Up

According to Yahoo, The city of Nashville is seeing some changes in crime rates. The good news is that violent crimes are going down. But, there’s a problem with rape reports. They’re going up.

Fewer Violent Crimes in 2024

There were fewer violent crimes in February than there were last year. There were 1,411 violent crimes in 2023, but only 1,263 in 2024. The Midtown Hills area has seen the biggest drop in violent crimes.

Murder Rates Decline

The number of people killed in the city has also gone down. There were 22 people killed in 2023, but only 10 so far this year. Most of the murders happened in the West, East, and South areas of the city.

Rape Reports on the Rise

Rape reports are a problem, though. The number of rapes went up by 233% in one area of the city, called the Central Precinct. Most of the rape reports come from the North and South areas.

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Nashville’s Crime Rates Are Changing (PHOTO: GOGOLE)

Property Crimes on the Increase

Property crimes, like stolen cars and broken into homes, are also up. But burglary reports are actually going down. Larceny reports are staying about the same.

Police Efforts to Keep Nashville Safe

The police are working hard to solve every murder and stop property crimes like stolen cars and broken into homes. They want to make Nashville a safer place for everyone.

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