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Idaho’s Hidden Dangers: Cities to Watch Out For in 2024

Idaho’s Hidden Dangers

Idaho’s Hidden Dangers: Cities to Watch Out For in 2024. (PHOTO: 104.3 WOW Country)

The safety of Idaho neighborhoods was studied by Southwest Journal recently. Some cities performed poorly in these investigations. One is Boise it has higher violent and property crime rates than the nation. Twin Falls, another tiny city, has issues. Crime is rising in Nampa and Idaho Falls. People considering relocating should investigate neighborhoods first.

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Safety Concerns Rise in Idaho’s Cities

Recent looks at crime data have shown worrying trends in some Idaho cities causing concern for people living there or thinking about moving. In Lewiston outdoor fun clashes with a high crime rate especially for property crimes. Payette another small city an has a crime rate much higher than the national average, making it risky to live there.

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Big Cities Face Big Safety Challenges

In bigger cities like Nampa and Caldwell crime rates are sky-high making life risky for residents. Nampa’s property crime rate is almost double the national average, while Caldwell’s violent crime rate is nine times higher, which is very dangerous for its 50,000 residents. Even in smaller towns like Mountain Home and Chubbuck, crime rates are higher than average, urging people to be careful. Even in peaceful towns like Blackfoot, drug problems lead to more crime overshadowing the city’s nice places. Twin Falls has both good and bad areas with some parts having more crime than others. Efforts in places like Pocatello are trying to make things safer but people still need to be careful especially in places like Garden City where crime is on the rise despite the city’s attractions.

Safety tips in travelling to Idaho dangerous cities

Avoid risky regions, especially at night. Be careful among crowds and with your belongings. Use safe transit and don’t walk alone at night, especially in dimly lit areas. Keep your valuables protected and don’t give strangers your details. If you believe something is incorrect, call the police or someone you trust. Idaho vacations may be worry-free with caution and good planning.

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