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72-Year-Old Man Fatally Stabbed Wife Critically Injured in Brutal Rest Stop Attack: Suspect Arrested!

Tragic Assault at Nebraska Rest Stop: Elderly Man Killed, Wife Critically Injured in Violent Incident

Suspect’s Capture Ends High-Speed Chase: James Thompson Jr. Faces Serious Charges in Fatal Stabbing

According to True Crime Daily, in Hall County, Nebraska a disturbing incident unfolded at a rest stop along Interstate 80 leading to the tragic death of 72-year-old Gary Weaver and leaving his 71-year-old wife Mary Weaver critically injured. The Hall County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call regarding a disturbance at the rest area on June 19 finding the elderly couple with severe stab wounds. Despite immediate medical attention Gary Weaver succumbed to his injuries shortly after arrival at a nearby hospital. Mary Weaver remains in critical condition receiving intensive care as she fights for her life following the brutal attack.

22-year-old James Thompson Jr. is accused of attempting to rob and subsequently fatally stabbing 72-year-old Gary Weaver while injuring his wife Mary Weaver at a rest stop in Hall County, Nebraska. Thompson fled the scene in a vehicle leading to a high-speed pursuit by the Nebraska State Patrol. He was apprehended and now faces charges including first-degree murder attempted murder assault, robbery, and several weapon and traffic-related offenses. Thompson’s arrest was pivotal in preventing additional harm and ensuring swift legal repercussions for his alleged crimes.

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72-Year-Old Man Fatally Stabbed Wife Critically Injured in Brutal Rest Stop Attack: Suspect Arrested! (PHOTO: People)

Community Mourns After Tragic Attack on Traveling Couple

Gary and Mary Weaver originally from Eureka, Missouri were traveling in their recreational vehicle when they became victims of this senseless violence. The tragedy has deeply shaken both their hometown community and the wider public highlighting the inherent risks faced by travelers at seemingly routine stops. As James Thompson Jr. remains detained at the Hall County Jail awaiting legal proceedings the incident has left a profound impact on the Weaver family, their loved ones and all who have been touched by their story. It serves as a stark reminder of the critical importance of vigilance and safety precautions particularly for those on the road who may encounter unexpected dangers.

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