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$580K Seized: U.S. Treasury Targets La Nueva Familia Michoacana Leaders with Sanctions

U.S. Treasury Sanctions La Nueva Familia Michoacana Leaders

U.S. Treasury Targets La Nueva Familia Michoacana Drug Cartel Leader

According to Fox News, two of the La Nueva Familia Michoacana drug cartel’s leaders are the targets of financial penalties from the U.S. Treasury. These two commanders Euclides Camacho-Goicochea also known as El Quilles and Rodolfo Maldonado-Busto 59 popularly known as Don Jose were charged in 2017 with organizing a plot to import and distribute heroin in the US. Additionally Camacho-Goicochea is accused of conspiring to launder money. The indictments were first returned by a grand jury in 2017 but the Department of Justice (DOJ) claims that they were just recently unsealed. According to the DOJ, these cartel leaders were heavily active in drug trafficking bringing heroin, cocaine and marijuana into the US from Mexico and concentrating their efforts in places like the Northern District of Georgia. Attorney General Merrick Garland emphasized targeting the financial aspects of cartel operations stating “These actions demonstrate that we are not only holding cartel leaders accountable but also striking their operations where it hurts the most their profits.” The DEA and IRS investigation which began in September 2016 identified Maldonado-Bustos as a key figure managing opium extraction and heroin production in Mexico. This heroin was then distributed by Camacho-Goicochea and other conspirators in U.S. cities like Atlanta and Houston.

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$580K Seized: U.S. Treasury Targets La Nueva Familia Michoacana Leaders with Sanctions (PHOTO: Depositphotos)

DOJ and U.S. Treasury Sanction La Nueva Familia Michoacana Leaders

The DOJ also claimed that Camacho-Goicochea coordinated the collection and return of drug proceeds from the U.S. back to Mexico. In early 2017 agents confiscated over $580,000 in drug proceeds from vehicles and homes in the Atlanta area funds allegedly intended for the cartel. U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen highlighted the broader impact of these sanctions. Speaking to Fox News Yellen explained that the sanctions aim to cut off these individuals from the U.S. financial system making their business operations very difficult. “We took these actions jointly with the DEA and the U.S. Attorney’s office in Atlanta” Yellen said. Special Agent in Charge Robert J. Murphy of the DEA Atlanta Field Division underscored the significance of these efforts. “Denying drug cartels the profits from their activities is crucial in our fight” Murphy stated. “DEA Atlanta will continue to attack the La Nueva Familia cartel on all fronts by arresting its members and seizing their drugs and assets.”

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