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23-Year LVMPD Veteran Detective Pamela Bordeaux Found Guilty of Murdering Ex-Husband of Daughter in 2019 Custody Dispute

Las Vegas Police Detective Pamela Bordeaux Convicted of Murdering Ex-Husband in 2019 Custody Dispute

23-Year LVMPD Veteran Pamela Bordeaux Found Guilty of Homicide in Domestic Custody Dispute Case

According to True Crime News, A former detective with the Las Vegas Police Department was found guilty in 2019 of killing the ex-husband of her daughter while he was in custody. Pamela Bordeaux was a member of the United States military and a 23-year employee of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department. a jury in the 8th Judicial District Court found him guilty of murder with the use of a dangerous weapon. The incident happened on April 22, 2019 during a scheduled visit between Bordeaux’s daughter and her ex-husband named Sean Babbit and his child. Pamela Bordeaux and Babbit got into a fight when they were seeing each other at his house the toddler and Bordeaux’s daughter were upstairs. The argument escalated and Pamela Bordeaux shot Babbit at least 10 times resulting in his death. Bordeaux’s defense attorneys argued that Babbit posed a danger to her family. A forensic psychologist testified that Babbit’s impulsive behavior, addiction to extreme pornography and inadequate therapy made him prone to violence. This, they claimed justified Pamela Bordeaux’s fear and perception of imminent danger. The defense also pointed to a letter written by Babbit in which he described himself as an “unfit parent.”

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23-Year LVMPD Veteran Detective Pamela Bordeaux Found Guilty of Murdering Ex-Husband of Daughter in 2019 Custody Dispute (PHOTO: KTNV)

Las Vegas Police Detective Pamela Bordeaux Sentenced for Murder of Ex-Husband in Custody Dispute

However, the prosecution painted a different picture. They argued that Pamela Bordeaux took the law into her own hands out of anger over Babbit seeking changes to his custody arrangement. Babbit had only been allowed one hour per week of supervised visits with his child while Bordeaux’s daughter had full custody. Clark County Chief Deputy District Attorney Michelle Fleck emphasized in her closing arguments that Bordeaux acted as “judge, jury and literal executioner” in a matter that should have been resolved through legal channels. The jury’s conviction means Pamela Bordeaux could face a lengthy prison sentence. The possible sentences include 20 to 50 years in prison, life without parole or 20 years to life in prison. Additionally, she may face extra time for the deadly weapon enhancement. On August 20 Pamela Bordeaux will receive a sentence. Because of the brutal nature of the murder and Bordeaux’s extensive law enforcement career the case has received a lot of attention. The terrible occurrence serves as a sobering reminder of the difficulties and risks associated with custody battles as the community awaits the sentence.

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