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Utica Man Arrested: Jonathan Hines Faces Charges After Domestic Violence Incident – June 14th Altercation

Utica Domestic Violence Arrest: Jonathan Hines Allegedly Violates Protection Order in June 14th Incident

Utica Police Arrest Jonathan Hines After Violent Altercation Involving Child’s Mother on South St.

According to Shore News Network, in Utica a disturbing domestic violence incident led to the arrest of a local man on June 14th 2024. Utica Police swiftly responded to a distress call from the 800 block of South St. around 12:30 PM. The call reported a violent altercation involving a woman and her child’s father. Upon arrival officers encountered a distressed woman who recounted a harrowing ordeal. She alleged that Jonathan Hines a 44-year-old resident of Utica and the father of her child had engaged in a heated argument that turned physical. According to the victim, Jonathan Hines purportedly choked her and vandalized a computer monitor during the confrontation. Compounding the gravity of the situation investigators uncovered that there was an existing order of protection against Jonathan Hines . This legal directive explicitly barred him from any contact or aggressive behavior toward the victim underscoring the seriousness of his alleged actions. In light of these findings law enforcement promptly took Jonathan Hines into custody at the scene of the incident. He was then transported to the Utica Police Department for processing.

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Utica Man Arrested: Jonathan Hines Faces Charges After Domestic Violence Incident – June 14th Altercation (PHOTO: Shore News Network)

Utica Man Jonathan Hines Faces Domestic Violence Charges and Violation of Protection Order

Furthermore, at the precinct Jonathan Hines faced a battery of charges stemming from the violent encounter and the breach of the protective order. The charges levied against him included offenses related to domestic violence and violating a court-mandated protection order. The swift and decisive actions of the Utica Police underscored their commitment to protecting victims of domestic abuse and upholding the law. Authorities emphasized the importance of enforcing protective orders to safeguard individuals vulnerable to such harmful situations. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the prevalence and severity of domestic violence urging communities to remain vigilant and supportive of those affected. As legal proceedings unfold the Utica Police continue their efforts to ensure justice and safety for all residents. Jonathan Hines remains in custody pending further legal proceedings as authorities work to address the ramifications of his alleged actions.

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