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8 Life Sentences: Michael Butler Sentenced for Brutal Kidnapping and Abuse of 2 Teen Girls in Alabama!

8 Life Sentences: Michael Butler, 37, Sentenced for Brutal Kidnapping and Abuse

Twisted Desire for Infamy: Butler’s Crimes Caused Lifelong Trauma for Victims

According to True Crime News, Michael Jerome Butler a 37-year-old man was sentenced to eight consecutive life sentences for his brutal crimes against two underage girls in Alabama in 2022. The girls 17 at the time were kidnapped at gunpoint and subjected to rape sodomy and torture. Butler’s actions were motivated by his twisted desires and disregard for human life. He was already serving a fourth felony sentence when he was released early without being required to wear an ankle monitor which he didn’t show up for supervision. This lack of accountability allowed him to continue his violent behavior putting many lives at risk.

Butler’s crimes were described by the 19th Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office as an emotional case and a reign of terror. According to reports Butler kidnapped the girls on November 3, 2022 after they left a local Walgreens. He drove them to Georgia and committed other crimes including robbery and armed home invasion. The girls were eventually found and rescued by police after a high-speed chase. Butler’s actions were not only illegal but also inhumane leaving the victims with emotional scars that will last a lifetime. His victims’ bravery in the face of such trauma is a testament to their strength and resilience.

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8 Life Sentences: Michael Butler Sentenced for Brutal Kidnapping and Abuse of 2 Teen Girls in Alabama! (PHOTO: FOX 5 Atlanta)

Twisted Desires and Lack of Accountability: How a Violent Criminal Escaped Justice and Committed Heinous Crimes

The trauma for the victims was made worse by Butler’s strange desire to become a famous serial killer with movies made about his life. The district attorney CJ Robinson criticized the prison system for releasing Butler without proper supervision saying that nothing can justify the violence that occurred. At Butler’s sentencing hearing one of the victims courageously faced him saying You have no power over me. Butler is now facing trial for the murder of Victoria Malet in St. Clair County. This sentence shows that justice will be served for those who commit such horrific crimes.

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