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Alabama Child Abuse Scandal: Two Adults Arrested, Charged with Heinous Crimes

Alabama Arrests: Two Adults Charged with Child Abuse After Molestation Report

Police Investigate Allegations of Sexual Abuse of 9-Year-Old Child

According to fox10tv, Carmen Ray Ammons and Shelby Marie Rushing, have been arrested in Alabama. They are accused of hurting a 9-year-old child. The police got a report about this on June 5th. The child told someone at the Child Advocacy Center what happened, and the police got a search warrant for Ammons’ house.

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Alabama Child Abuse Scandal: Two Adults Arrested, Charged with Heinous Crimes (PHOTO: Fox10tv)

Two Alabama Residents Charged with Multiple Counts of Child Abuse, Child Pornography

The police searched the house and talked to Ammons and Rushing. They found out that they did some bad things to the child. Ammons is in trouble for making and having child pornography, touching the child in a bad way, and hurting the child. Rushing is in trouble for touching the child in a bad way and making pictures of the child doing bad things. Ammons has to pay $300,000 to get out of jail, and Rushing has to pay $400,000. The police think there might be more bad things that they did, so they are still investigating. If you know something that could help the police, you can call Sgt. Al McGraw at 334-222-1155 or Central Alabama CrimeStoppers at 334-215-7867.

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