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Fatal Domestic Violence: Santa Rosa County Couple’s Tragic End in Murder-Suicide

Murder-Suicide: Husband and Wife Found Dead in Santa Rosa County Home

Murder-Suicide Shocks Community: 3 Children Left Orphaned After Horrific Incident

According to TrueCrimeNews, a very sad and scary event happened in a home in Santa Rosa County. A police officer who was not on duty called the police because he found a child hurt with a gunshot wound at his house. The police came and told the man, Michael Delmar, to leave the house. The police then went into the house and found Michael and his wife, Katie Delmar, dead. The police think that Michael killed Katie before killing himself.

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Fatal Domestic Violence: Santa Rosa County Couple’s Tragic End in Murder-Suicide (PHOTO: GOOGLE)

Domestic Disturbances Turn Deadly: Santa Rosa County Couple’s Turmoil Ends in Tragedy, Children Left Traumatized

The police found out that Michael had hurt his wife very badly before shooting her. The couple’s three children, who were 4, 8, and 13 years old, were in the house when it happened. Two of the children got out of the house safely, but one got shot in the leg. The children are now safe with their families, but they will never forget what happened. This is not the first time the police had to go to this house for a problem between Michael and Katie.

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