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Man Charged With Murder in Shocking Girlfriend’s Suitcase Death

(Photo: dailymail)

Georgia Man Charged with Murder After Girlfriend’s Body Found in Apartment Suitcase

A Georgia man, Freddrick Durham, a man charged with murder in a disturbing case where he’s accused of killing his girlfriend and concealing her body in a suitcase in their shared apartment in Thomaston. (Photo: clickorlando)

Disturbing Case Unveiled: Man Charged with Murder in Girlfriend’s Shocking Homicide

According to the source, a Georgia man, Freddrick Durham, has been charged with murder in a disturbing case in which he is accused of killing his girlfriend and hiding her body in a suitcase inside their shared apartment.

The man charged with murder incident unfolded in Thomaston, a town located approximately 60 miles south of Atlanta. Durham is currently being held without bail at the Upson County jail and appeared before a judge, but he has yet to secure legal representation.

The tragic chain of events began when officers and family members went to Margret Dubignon’s apartment, where she had been living with the man charged with murder, Durham. Concerns arose when they couldn’t locate her, and the last known contact with her had occurred on the previous Thursday.

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Grim Discovery and Manhunt: Tracing the Man Charged with Murder in Homicide Investigation

On Saturday morning, Dubignon was officially reported as missing, and it was noted that the man charged with murder, Durham, and her vehicle were also unaccounted for. This led to further investigation, which took a grim turn when, 90 minutes later, Dubignon’s body was discovered hidden in a suitcase inside the apartment.

The exact cause of her death will be determined following an autopsy by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, as confirmed by Upson County Coroner Craig Stubbs. Authorities managed to track Dubignon’s vehicle to Atlanta using license plate cameras, leading to the man charged with murder, Durham’s, arrest by the Atlanta police approximately two hours later.

He was then transported back to Thomaston, where he faced additional charges of concealing a death, tampering with evidence, and motor vehicle theft. Police have indicated that further charges may be forthcoming as the man charged with murder investigation progresses.

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