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Trouble Brewing on the Northside of Houston, Governor Abbott Calls for Probe into Colony Ridge Development


Texas Leaders Call for Probe into Colony Ridge: A Controversial Development on Houston’s Northside

Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton are pushing for a state investigation into Colony Ridge, a massive housing development on the northside of Houston. (Photo:

Concerns Arise Over Colony Ridge Development: Allegations of Crime and Immigration Issues on Houston’s Northside

According to source, Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton are urging state lawmakers to investigate Colony Ridge, a sprawling housing development on the northside of Houston, that has been accused of attracting illegal immigrants and causing chaos. Colony Ridge which is home to as many as 75,000 people on the northside of Houston in an area larger than Manhattan, has faced allegations of criminal activity, predatory lending practices, and environmental concerns.

The development is under scrutiny, with concerns about it being a hotbed of crime on the northside of Houston and a magnet for undocumented immigrants to purchase property. Attorney General Paxton wrote to state lawmakers, stating that Colony Ridge appears to be enabling illegal alien settlement in Texas, leading to distress in neighboring communities and school districts on the northside of Houston.

He also highlighted the trend of real estate developers buying large amounts of undeveloped land, creating primitive subdivisions, and offering high-interest owner-financed loans with minimal identity verification.

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Political Controversy Surrounds Colony Ridge: Criticism Over Delayed Action and Campaign Donations

Governor Abbott had previously expressed his intention to address the issues related to Colony Ridge and called for an examination of the matter during a special legislative session on the northside of Houston. However, critics point out that more than two weeks into the special session, no bills have been filed or debated concerning Colony Ridge, and there are allegations that Governor Abbott received substantial campaign donations from the developers on the northside of Houston.

Wayne Dolcefino, hired by residents near Colony Ridge on the northside of Houston, to investigate the development’s construction, emphasized that the intervention and special session may be more for show than for producing substantial change, as issues like drainage problems have not been effectively addressed. The situation remains contentious, with Colony Ridge drawing attention for its scale and alleged problems on the northside of Houston.

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