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Mother Arrested in Detroit for Abandoning Shivering Toddler on Beach as Waves Washed Over Him, Say Police

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A lady from Detroit was arrested after she reportedly abandoned her infant on a beach in Florida at night, with the kid discovered shivering near the sea as waves poured over him.

Shamika Mitchell, 37, was arrested and charged with child negligence last week after police say she left her 1-year-old son alone on Daytona Beach in the early hours of Nov. 8, according to Fox 2 Detroit. According to the police, the temperature that night was around 57 degrees.

Mitchell, who was visiting the region with her three other children, was seen on camera leaving the beach shortly before midnight on Nov. 7 and returning to her car in the parking lot of Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church, where she had been staying with her children.

According to an affidavit obtained by Fox News Digital, security permitted the family to stay in the car park after Mitchell sought a secure location to stay.

According to the affidavit, one of Mitchell’s older children approached her and asked where the toddler was, and Mitchell told him she had delivered the kid to his father after meeting up with him at a nearby convenience store.

Because he knew the child’s father was in Detroit, the son urged the church’s security to call 911 before going in search of the missing youngster.

The lost infant was eventually discovered on the beach about 12:40 a.m. on November 8 after a lady reported seeing something on the beach and originally mistaking it for an animal. According to court documents obtained by the Daytona Beach News-Journal, as she came closer, she noticed it was a child.

The mother said in court that the youngster was on his hands and knees near the sea as the waves rushed over him, fully immersing him at times. Bystanders pulled the youngster from the water, dialed 911, and then removed the child’s saturated diapers and attempted to warm him.

According to a police report obtained by Fox News Digital, deputies patrolling the beach came to the situation, and a deputy then placed the shaking youngster in a patrol cruiser before turning on the heater to warm the baby.

According to the complaint, the infant was unresponsive, and his skin was chilly to the touch. Paramedics eventually arrived on the scene and treated the toddler.

Mitchell’s boyfriend, DeShawn Gales, informed Fox 2 Detroit that the baby was released from the hospital and is doing well.

Gales claimed he had no idea why Mitchell had allegedly abandoned the infant. The three other children were placed in the care of the Department of Children and Families for the night. They were subsequently released to their grandparents, who drove from Michigan to Florida to get them, according to Fox 2 Detroit.

Mitchell was arrested and is being held on $50,000 bail at the Volusia County Jail.

According to an arrest document obtained by Fox News Digital, the elder son who approached Mitchell was detained after police arrived at the car park that night.

The youngster grew enraged because his mother had abandoned him and attempted to attack her while she was speaking to the police.

He was detained after reportedly striking two cops who were attempting to stop him from lunging for his mother. It is unknown whether he has been charged.

Child Abandonment

In Michigan, child abandonment is a serious offense with long-term ramifications for both the child and the perpetrator. This article will look at the various factors involved in child abandonment cases in Michigan, such as definitions, types of charges, aggravating factors, sentencing guidelines, potential penalties, common defense strategies, common prosecution strategies, grounds for appeal if convicted, how Michigan differs from other states in terms of child abandonment laws, and 3:4 controversial cases with outcomes and why they were controversial. In addition, we will look into additional particular factors contributing to child abandonment in Michigan.

In Michigan, the most prevalent charge linked to child abandonment is child abuse in the fourth degree, a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine. The fourth degree child abuse charge may be upgraded to third degree child abuse or even second degree child abuse, both felonies punishable by up to 15 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

If specific requirements are met, the accusation of child abandonment may be enhanced. These are: 1) if the abandonment was committed by a custodial parent; 2) if the abandoned child was exposed to a significant risk of physical harm; 3) if the abandoned child suffered harm as a result of the abandonment; 4) if the abandonment was accompanied by violence or threats of violence; and 5) if the abandonment was part of a pattern of neglect or abuse.

A person convicted of child abandonment in Michigan risks a prison term of up to one year and/or a fine of up to $1,000. The court may also mandate restitution and/or force the offender to undergo therapy or parenting programs.

Convictions for child abandonment can result in prison terms of up to a year and penalties of up to $1,000. In more serious circumstances, the criminal might face up to 15 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. The court may also impose reparations, demand counseling and parenting programs, and remove the defendant’s driver’s license.

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