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Coral Springs Crime: Two Posers Arrested for Entering into Closed Coral Springs Store

Image of a Walmart storefront from Shutterstock

Two burglars apprehended after posing as Walmart employees before breaking and entering into a closed shop in Coral Springs, Florida

According to Tapinto Coral Springs, Kristopher Gonzalez, 20, of Hialeah, and Paige Berry, 24, of Rockville, Maryland, were detained on suspicion of burglary after Walmart employees called the police on them. Employees of 6001 Coral Springs Ridge Drive noticed two men entering the Walmart store at closing time wearing store vests, but they did not identify the two as workers in the store.

Reports said that the target items for burglary on October 11, 2023, were unclear. The two were going to “gather miscellaneous items,” a manager said to the police, but Berry claimed she was going to “take shit that you need.”

According to the accounts, Berry and Gonzalez were both drunk. Gonzalez escaped, but Berry was successfully arrested by the time the police arrived on the scene. Later, at a Shell gas station next to the Walmart store, Gonzalez ended up turning himself in.

Further investigation showed that the manager told the police about a crowbar found near the entrance of the store. The surveillance video showed the crowbar was used to pry open the doors and get in the store, the reports said.

Berry told Coral Springs police that Gonzalez stole the crowbar from the back of a truck parked at the store, the reports said.

Gonzalez denied taking it, the report said.

To answer this crime at Coral Springs, Gonzalez was taken to Broward Health Coral Springs for a medical evaluation before being driven to Broward County Jail. He was released after paying bond, according to court records.

Berry was taken to jail as well. She remained there until Sunday, held by a $3,000 bond.

Man Arrested as Terrified Road Rage Victim Takes Shelter at Coral Springs Police Department

An image of Philip Young-Chung from Coral Springs Talk

On October 20th, in a chaotic road rage episode, a scared victim went to the Coral Springs Police Department parking lot in search of safety from a guy who had been following him throughout the city and had made knife threats to him multiple times.

According to Coral Springs Talkthe alleged threats and crime started close to 6265 W Sample Road, close to Turtle Run Shoppes. The victim said that immediately after leaving a neighboring Walmart, a guy, subsequently identified as Phillip Anthony Young Chung, 24, of Margate, drew up in his car about 50 feet behind him to repair his mother’s seatbelt. According to reports, Chung got out of his car holding a huge knife and started ranting angrily at the victim. The victim went back to his car and shut the doors even though he was unable to understand what Chung was saying and could see that he was brandishing a huge knife.

The victim attempted to flee by driving away, but Chung doggedly pursued him, closely tailing the victim’s vehicle and attempting to stop him. When the victim, who was traveling from another country and didn’t know the street names, was made to halt at a red light, the situation got worse. Once more getting out of his automobile, the suspect knocked on the victim’s car while brandishing a knife. The victim admitted to Coral Springs police that he was now terrified for their safety and that of everyone else in the car, fearful that Chung would smash a window and assault them.

The victim tried to run away again as soon as the light turned green, but Chung persisted in following him as he drove west on West Sample Rd. The victim attempted to flee by driving into the Coral Springs Police Department’s parking lot, but he failed to notice any cops outside and kept going.

Ultimately, he dialed 911 to request aid from the Coral Springs Police Department, who directed him to go back to the police station, which he did with Chung still on the loose. Officers were able to capture Chung at the CSPD, where he admitted to being furious and asked for an apology after feeling “cut off” by the victim. Chung was identified during a search as having a knife in his possession, and his car also had another blade.

After being detained, Chung was charged with attempted armed car burglary as well as aggravated assault. He was sent to the main jail in Broward County, where he was later freed after paying $45,000 in bail.

Coral Springs crime rate two years ago, 2020, had a violent crime rate of 1.6 per 1,000 residents in 2020 and a property crime rate of 15.1 per 1,000 residents in 2020.

According to the FBI’s latest statistics it shows that Coral Springs has a total crime rate of 1,353.8 per 100,000 residents. This is -37.12% lower than Florida’s overall crime rate of 2,153.0 per 100,000 people and -42.29% lower than the national average of 2,346.0 per 100,000.

Neighborhood Scout’s reports show that the highest crime committed in Coral Springs is assault, at 943,774, with burglary closely following for the year. However, this is considered “low” when compared to other cities in the state. However, crime is still committed, and residents are urged to stay alert at all times.

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