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Generation Rent Seeks Brand-New Rental Properties Where Apartment Construction Develops Across U.S.

Generation Rent Seeks Brand New Apartments for Rent [Photo: Fortune]
Generation Rent Seeks Brand New Apartments for Rent [Photo: Fortune]

The Generation Rent is seeking brand-new rental properties where there are most of the available jobs. In this article, read and find out which zip codes have apartment constructions that are developing across the U.S.!

Generation Rent Seeks Brand New Apartments for Rent [Photo: CNBC]

Generation Rent Seeks Brand New Apartments for Rent [Photo: CNBC]

The RENTCafé, a nationwide internet listing service (ILS), disclosed an assessment that examined several zip codes in an attempt to identify where construction of apartments is developing across the U.S. This suggests that these neighborhoods are where the Generation Rent, young adults who rent accommodation due to high costs of housing, must seek rental properties for brand-new rentals.

According to Grecu, some areas in the U.S. that are seeing expansion in new buildings are where most of the available jobs that the Generation Rent is also seeking out. Nonetheless, there is a total of 16.7 million individuals in the U.S.– three times the population of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area– who rent properties by themselves and need to earn an additional $8,600 every year.

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Neighborhoods Generation Rent Must Consider

According to Sandle, the neighborhoods that the Generation Rent must look into include those that have undergone major changes and built thousands of apartments in only the span of 5 years. Reports say these neighborhoods include those grouped in major hubs such as Miami in Florida, New York, and the Washington, D.C. However, further reports say small neighborhoods like Frisco in Texas, Nashville in Tennessee, and Richmond in Virginia also made it to the list.

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