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Russia And China War: Putin Responds

Russia And China War: Putin Responds
Russia And China War: Putin Responds (openDemocracy)

If A War Broke Out With Russia It Will Be Completely Different From The War That Happened In Ukraine, Putin Stipulated In Response To The US Reports That One Should Prepare In Case China Will Be Involved In A Conflict With Russia.


Russia And China War: Putin Responds

Russia And China War: Putin Responds (Reuters)


War Between China And Russia: Possible?

During a media broadcast on Sunday, Putin answered that nobody want wars but if they will act in a way that will put Russia in ruins, then they will be given the war they’ve never seen before, it will not be the same as what happened with Ukraine and other western countries. As the US urge Washington to prepare in case conflict will emerge between Russia and China.

In a report that was released on Friday stating that Washington should grow their conventional and nuclear forces, seeing Russia and China as threats, they will not stand a chance as these two possesses arsenals entirely different and will put them in a life altering situation if ever they will caught in between this two powerful countries.


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Moscow and China are already ahead of their arsenal capabilities, thus the conflict between these countries is highly possible. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated that US is waging war with Russia, which the latter denied. As the relationship between US and China has been stained due to the refusal of China to agree in condemning the attack in Ukraine.

US, however, said that China is eyeing for Taiwan. Although they did not have formal ties with Taiwan, US said that Beijing and Taiwan has a huge unbreakable connection and this could be a reason why they can easily have their control over this small country.

Anthony Blinken, US Secretary of state has referred China as the biggest undefeated enemy for all. Although he said that nuclear war is near to impossible but a military conflict could broke out targeting the US homeland, that’s why they should set course for a new strategic plan, as he concluded his statement.

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