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Alex Murdaugh’s Defense Team Seeks New Trial Motion – South Carolina Attorney General Takes Action

Alex Murdaugh's Defense Team Seeks New Trial Motion. (Photo: Yahoo News)

The South Carolina attorney general has requested an appeals court to instruct Alex Murdaugh’s defense team to fix and resubmit their motion for a new trial. This comes as doubts arise regarding Murdaugh’s claims of jury tampering, with an ongoing investigation in progress.

Alex Murdaugh’s Defense Team Seeks New Trial Motion. (Photo: Albany Herald)

South Carolina Attorney General Calls for Corrections to Alex Murdaugh’s Defense Team New Trial Motion

According to the report from CNN, in response to the recent motion filed by Alex Murdaugh’s defense team seeking a new trial in his murder conviction case, the South Carolina attorney general, Alan Wilson, has taken action to address several procedural defects. Alan Wilson, State attorney general, has requested that Murdaugh’s defense team correct and refile their motion within a specified timeframe to the state court.

The motion, originally submitted on September 5, raised concerns about its compliance with the necessary legal requirements for suspending the appeal and allowing the new trial motion to proceed in the circuit court. While the response from the state attorney general’s office does not directly dispute the allegations of jury tampering made by Alex Murdaugh’s defense team, it highlights the existence of ongoing investigations that have already “revealed significant factual disputes” that undermine the credibility of these claims.

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Ongoing Investigation Casts Doubt on Alex Murdaugh’s Defense Team’s Jury Tampering Allegations

According to Albany Herald, an ongoing investigation into the allegations of jury tampering made by Alex Murdaugh’s defense team has raised significant doubts about the credibility of these claims. While the state’s response does not dispute the allegations directly, it emphasizes that the investigation is ongoing and has uncovered factual disputes related to the case.

Alex Murdaugh’s defense team had alleged that Colleton County Clerk of Court Rebecca “Becky” Hill tampered with the jury by advising them not to believe Murdaugh’s testimony and other evidence presented by the defense, pressuring them to reach a quick guilty verdict, and even misrepresenting critical information to the trial judge. However, the state’s response underscores the need for further investigation and clarification of conflicting statements made during press conferences and media interviews by Murdaugh’s attorneys regarding the timing of the alleged jury tampering discovery.

As the investigation continues, the credibility of Alex Murdaugh’s defense team claims will be assessed by Judge Clifton Newman, who had previously sentenced him to two life sentences in March. These sentences are currently being served in a South Carolina state prison.

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