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Stabbing Suspect Charged After Impaling Victim With Flagpole In The Head in Oklahoma

Stabbing Suspect Clinton Collins [Photo: New York Post]
Stabbing Suspect Clinton Collins [Photo: New York Post]

Clinton Collins was charged after impaling a victim with a flagpole in the head at a restaurant in Oklahoma. Reports say the stabbing suspect has previously been convicted of a felony charge.

Stabbing Suspect Injured Victim in Oklahoma [Photo: New York Post]

Stabbing Suspect Injured Victim in Oklahoma [Photo: New York Post]

On August 3, at around 7:30 p.m., officers from the Tulsa Police Department in Oklahoma received reports of a stabbing incident at a Sonic Drive-In restaurant at Tulsa Hills on 81st Street. Upon arriving at the crime scene, the officers found a male victim with a flagpole impaled through his head.

According to Betz, a stabbing suspect has impaled a flagpole that entered the victim’s head under his jaw and exited to the other side near the right temple. Further reports say an American flag was still attached to the flagpole used by the stabbing suspect to impale.

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Charges Faced by Stabbing Suspect

According to Donlevy, witnesses saw the stabbing suspect charge at the victim and heard him claiming that the victim deserved what happened. Eventually, the officers identified the stabbing suspect as Clinton Collins, 54, and was then taken into custody after the officers arrived at the crime scene.

On the other hand, firefighters had to cut a part of the flagpole to fit the victim in an ambulance and transport him to a hospital. Nonetheless, the victim survived the stabbing incident although there is a chance that he will lose an eye.

The stabbing suspect faced charges of maiming after previously being convicted of a different felony charge. To date, the stabbing suspect is being held at the Tulsa County Jail without clear information if an attorney would speak on his behalf.

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