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Maryland Mass Shooting Suspect Faced Charges of First-Degree Murder, Hate Crimes

Annapolis Mass Shooting Suspect Charles Robert Smith [Photo: WJLA]
Annapolis Mass Shooting Suspect Charles Robert Smith [Photo: WJLA]

Charles Robert Smith was accused of killing three individuals and injuring another three during a mass shooting in Annapolis, Maryland. Reports say the mass shooting suspect was then indicted on 42 counts including murder and hate crimes.

Mass Shooting Suspect in Annapolis, Maryland [Photo: WTOP]

Mass Shooting Suspect in Annapolis, Maryland [Photo: WTOP]

On June 11, at around 8 p.m., Charles Robert Smith, 43, allegedly confronted Mario Antonio Mireles Ruiz, 27, after the latter approached Charles Robert’s mother, Shirley Smith, to talk about a parking issue that Shirley called to complain about.

According to Wehner, the argument turned physical when Charles Robert pulled out a gun and shot Mario Antonio along with Christian Marlon Segovia, 25. When people rushed to help Mario Antonio and Segovia, Charles Robert shot at them which hit and killed Mario Antonio’s father, Nicholas Mireles, 55, and wounded three other individuals.

Nonetheless, the mass shooting suspect surrendered to authorities without incident thereafter. The mass shooting suspect claimed that he opened fire because a gun was fired at his residence. However, witnesses stated that they did not see any of the victims with any weapons.

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Charges Faced by Mass Shooting Suspect

An article in CBS News states that on July 21, the mass shooting suspect was indicted by a grand jury from Ann Arundel County on 42 counts. Reports say these included charges of three counts each of race or religious crime resulting in death and first-degree murder.

In addition, the mass shooting suspect’s indictment also included six counts each of first- and second-degree assault and attempted first- and second-degree murder for the crimes committed against the six wounded victims who survived. Lastly, the mass shooting suspect was also charged with nine counts of using a firearm in a violent crime. Further reports say if the mass shooting suspect is convicted, he could be sentenced to life imprisonment.

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