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Tips on Getting Best Student Loan Rates, Here’s What Experts Say!

Student Loan Rates [Photo: Brookings Institution]
Student Loan Rates [Photo: Brookings Institution]

Due to high interests, the loan rates a student is qualified for can be a big impact on their future payment plans. In this article, read and find out the tips on how to get the best student loan rates!

Student Loan Rates [Photo: USA Today]

Student Loan Rates [Photo: USA Today]

Credit Score

According to Little, credit scores can be accessed through the banks or credit card accounts. Lenders use the credit score and the credit history of a student borrower as factors in determining the best student loan rates for them.

Reviewing a credit report for any error or possible fraud will improve a student borrower‘s credit score over time. To do so, monthly payments must be made in full and on time, credit utilization must be kept low, and other loans or lines of credit must not be opened when the date to submit student loan applications is nearing.

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Loan Terms

According to Luthi, the loan terms are the length of time a student borrower loans the money for. It is also the another factor taken into consideration in determining the best student loan rates for a borrower. In general, the shorter the loan terms, the lower the interest rates could be.

However, the limitation in shorter loan terms is that the required payment could be higher. This suggests that even with a lower interest rate, with a shorter loan term, a student borrower could pay higher monthly payments.

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