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The Safest Neighborhood in Jacksonville, FL – Here’s What You Need To Know

Safest Neighborhood in Jacksonville, Fl
The Safest Neighborhood in Jacksonville, FL - Here's What You Need To Know (PHOTO: PODS)

If you are planning to move you can choose from the Georgia border about 30 miles away which has the safest neighborhood in Jacksonville, FL and it feels a little bit like it’s part of both states.

Safest Neighborhood in Jacksonville, Fl

The Safest Neighborhood in Jacksonville, FL – Here’s What You Need To Know (PHOTO: BELLHOP)

Get To Know The Safest Neighborhood In Jacksonville, FL

If you’re considering to move in Jacksonville, FL you likely have something in your mind that wants to know like: What are the safest neighborhoods in Jacksonville, FL? What’s the best neighborhood for raising children? Where do young professionals live?

NewHomeSouce reported that Jacksonville is a hot spot for beach lovers looking to soak in the sun or reside near this great city without being surrounded by so many people who have the option of selecting excellent nearby suburbs to call home.

Here’s what you need to know in Jacksonville, FL

  • The cost of living in Jacksonville fl, is lower than the normal average in Florida which is only 8 percent, thanks to crazy-high increases in South Florida and Tampa Bay, and 7 percent lower than the US average.  Factoring into those figures are things like housing is 15 percent lower than the rest of Florida, 14 percent lower than the US, and utilities which are 3 percent and 1 percent lower, when it comes to healthcare is 14 percent to 16 percent lower.
  • Jacksonville is the largest city in the continental by land mass in the US, it also has more shoreline than any other US city and boasts a park system that’s the largest in the nation. The city covers 747 square miles of Northeast Florida with 22 miles stretching along the beachfront and 1,100 miles of navigable rivers and creeks.

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What is the best area of Jacksonville, FL, to live in?

It is subjective, well it depends on your affordability, whether you have kids, what kind of neighborhood you prefer, and many other factors.

The PODS noted that with the opportunity to walk along miles of sugar-soft sands and swim in the deep blue Atlantic? The beaches are within easy reach from downtown and even the far-flung ‘burbs aren’t too far.

Here are our three most fave places to live:

  • Jacksonville Beach

Its boardwalk dance pavilions and amusement parks may be bygone treasures, but today’s Jax Beach has newfound pleasures like a fishing pier, plenty of hotels and inns for every budget, and restaurant options from barefoot-beachy dives to fine dining.

  • Neptune Beach

Neptune Beach makes a fantastic family vacation destination thanks to its laid-back vibe and plenty of local flavors and it is also among the best neighborhoods in Jacksonville, FL.

  • Big Talbot Island State Park

The tropical vibes feel like heaven, it’s like you are in a different world and it only takes 20 minutes from downtown Jax Proper. There are a lot of activities to tour around that island like taking a guided kayak tour, or bike, strolling, and bird-watch along four miles of trails.

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