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Murder Suspect Found Guilty of Stabbing Pregnant Girlfriend to Death in Nevada

Murder Suspect Michael Burciaga [Photo: KRNV]
Murder Suspect Michael Burciaga [Photo: KRNV]

Michael Burciaga was found guilty of stabbing his pregnant girlfriend to death in 2020. Reports say the murder suspect admitted to the killing after returning to the crime scene in northwestern Nevada.

Murder Suspect Stabs Pregnant Girlfriend to Death [Photo: Yahoo Finance]

Murder Suspect Stabs Pregnant Girlfriend to Death [Photo: Yahoo Finance]

In December 2020, Michael Burciaga, 36, stabbed his pregnant girlfriend to death at her home in the Pyramid Lake Paiute tribal reservation. The Pyramid Lake Paiute is a U.S. Indian reservation in Nixon, northeast of Reno, Nevada.

An article in AP News states that the victim’s 15-year-old daughter, one of the three children who were at home during the crime, called the police to report about the murder suspect. Reportedly, hours after harming himself, Burciaga returned to the crime scene. Pyramid Lake tribal police were still investigating when the suspect allegedly confessed to the killing.

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Murder Suspect Convicted

According to Overton, prosecutors accused the murder suspect of stabbing his girlfriend several times with at least two knives. On June 22, a federal jury in the U.S. District Court of Nevada eventually convicted Burciaga of first-degree murder within Indian Country.

Reports say Burciaga committed domestic assault by a habitual offender within Indian Country and violated the Protection of Unborn Children Act. On September 25, the murder suspect will face a minimum of life in prison during his sentencing.

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