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Raising Local Sales Tax In Sacramento Keeps Rejected: Find Out Here Why! 

Raising Local Sales Tax In Sacramento
Raising Local Sales Tax In Sacramento Keeps Rejected (PHOTO: Sweeping Corp)

The quest to raise the local sales tax in Sacramento County has faced repeated setbacks over the past two decades.

Raising Local Sales Tax In Sacramento

Raising Local Sales Tax In Sacramento Keeps Rejected (PHOTO: Yahoo Canada Style)

Attempts to Raise Local Sales Tax In Sacramento

Despite several attempts, including a failed initiative campaign and the rejection of Measure A in 2020, voters have not been able to reach the required two-thirds threshold to approve the tax increase.

This article explores the reasons behind these failures and proposes alternative approaches for future sales tax proposals.

According to Sports Yahoo, Measure A, the most recent attempt to secure a sales tax increase was met with skepticism due to its focus on constructing roads that were not included in the regional planning agency’s list of priorities. The measure was seen as disconnected from the county’s evolving investment needs and failed to gain support from voters. This outcome has prompted a reevaluation of the county’s transportation investments and the need for a more comprehensive approach.

According to The Sacramento Bee, there are three principles to guide future sales tax proposals.

First, it advocates for a shift away from a sole focus on transportation and emphasizes incentives for smarter land use in the existing urban core. This approach aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable mobility by revitalizing existing areas through public investments.

Second, proposes funding only the road construction projects outlined in the existing regional plan. By adhering to the plan and prioritizing projects that align with environmental goals, the county can ensure that new transportation investments contribute to reducing emissions rather than exacerbating them.

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Raising Local Sales Tax In Sacramento County

Lastly, emphasize the need to abandon the private-funded sales tax initiative model. Instead, elected officials and government institutions should have a voice in the development of future sales tax measures. Placing control of the sales tax measure in private hands has led to a lack of transparency and undermined public trust.

In conclusion, the importance of investing in diverse housing options and improving transportation within existing communities. By addressing these local needs, Sacramento County can better align its future sales tax proposals with the evolving demands of its residents.

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