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Minneapolis Police Use Excessive Force and Dangerous Conduct According to Justice Department’s Report

Minneapolis Police
Minneapolis Police Use Excessive Force and Dangerous Conduct According to Justice Department's Report (PHOTO: NBC News)

A recent report from the Justice Department reveals concerning findings about the Minneapolis Police Department, highlighting excessive force and dangerous conduct by officers, CBS News reported.

Minneapolis Police

Minneapolis Police Use Excessive Force and Dangerous Conduct According to Justice Department’s Report (PHOTO: Vox)

Minneapolis Police Investigation

The investigation, initiated after the tragic killing of George Floyd, discovered that the department disproportionately targets Black and Native American individuals in law enforcement activities, leading to a pattern of rights violations.

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the report’s findings, emphasizing the significant impact of George Floyd’s death on the Minneapolis community and the world.

The investigation, conducted separately from the criminal probe into Floyd’s death, involved extensive research, including interviews with officers, discussions with community members, and police ride-along.

The report identified racial disparities and excessive use of force by the Minneapolis Police Department. Black and Native American individuals were disproportionately stopped and subjected to force compared to their White counterparts.

The department’s use of force against Black people occurred at a rate nine times higher than against White people, while Native Americans experienced force at a rate of 13.9 times higher.

Furthermore, the report criticized the department’s overall use of force, even when race was not a factor. It highlighted instances where dangerous techniques and weapons were employed against individuals involved in minor or no offenses.

The investigation also raised concerns about the unreasonable use of Tasers, chemical irritants, and excessive force against restrained individuals, including young adolescents.

The Justice Department recommended nearly 30 remedial measures to address racial disparities and excessive force. These include enhanced training, accountability measures, improved data collection, and changes to the cultural and training environment within the department.

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Minneapolis Police and Justice Department

Minneapolis and the Justice Department have taken steps to resolve the concerns by agreeing in principle to create a court-approved consent decree. This decree will serve as a formalization of the federal findings and will put into effect the recommendations provided by the investigation.

Additionally, an independent monitor will be appointed to oversee the activities of the Minneapolis Police Department, ensuring compliance with the agreed-upon measures.

The goal is to bring about cultural change within the police force, focusing on de-escalation tactics, accountability, and rebuilding community trust.

The report’s release underscores the need for comprehensive reform and the importance of addressing systemic issues within law enforcement. It also serves as a reminder of the ongoing work required to ensure equal justice and the protection of constitutional rights for all individuals within the Minneapolis community.

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