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Utah Woman Charged with Husband’s Murder After New Evidence of Search History Emerged

Utah Woman Charged with Husband's Murder [Photo: WECT]
Utah Woman Charged with Husband's Murder [Photo: WECT]

Kouri Richins was charged in connection with the death of his husband Eric Richins in Utah. Reports say new evidence about the Utah woman’s alleged search history emerged as part of the case.

Utah Woman with Husband Eric Richins [Photo: People]

Utah Woman with Husband Eric Richins [Photo: People]

On June 12, a judge denied the bail of Kouri Richins, 33, who appeared in a court in Park City, Utah, as new evidence about her alleged search history emerged. The judge added that the Utah woman must remain in custody awaiting the outcome of her trial due to the significant evidence against her.

An article in CNN states that prosecutors accused the Utah woman of killing Eric Richins, her husband for nine years, with fentanyl. Reportedly, one of the several phone searches Kouri made were about the dose for fentanyl to be considered lethal.

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Charges Faced by Utah Woman

According to Schladebeck, the Utah woman faced charges of aggravated murder, criminal homicide, and three counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. However, to date, Kouri has not yet entered a plea.

On June 12, Judge Richard E. Mrazik ruled that Kouri will be held without bail. Nonetheless, Mrazik informed Kouri of her right to file an expedited appeal within 30 days of the ruling. Reportedly, the court will reconvene on June 22 to schedule a date for a preliminary hearing.

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