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Texas Cheerleader Shot Thrice After Friend Opened Wrong Car

Texas Cheerleader Shot Thrice [Photo: 9News]
Texas Cheerleader Shot Thrice [Photo: 9News]

Payton Washington was shot thrice after her friend opened the door of a wrong car in Elgin, Texas. Reports say the Texas cheerleader had to have surgery to remover her ruptured spleen.

Texas Cheerleader Shot Thrice [Photo: CNN]

Texas Cheerleader Shot Thrice [Photo: CNN]

In April, at around midnight, Payton Washington, 18, was shot thrice outside a supermarket in Elgin, Texas, almost 20 miles east of Austin. Reports say the Texas cheerleader sustained gunshot wounds in her leg and back which damaged her pancreas and diaphragm. Furthermore, she required surgery to remove her ruptured spleen.

According to Croft, the Texas cheerleader was shot after her friend, Heather Roth, opened the door of a wrong car. During the time of the shooting, Washington apparently was writing a text while eating candy. Fortunately, Roth sustained abrasion only.

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Texas Cheerleader’s Friend Opened Wrong Car

An article in ABC News states that Roth, who was also a Texas cheerleader, said she was dropped off by a friend prior to the incident. Thereafter, Roth opened the driver’s door of a nearby car that she thought was hers. Upon realizing that she opened the wrong car, Roth apparently apologized to the man she found in the passenger seat.

However, the man exited the car and allegedly started shooting. Fortunately, the Texas cheerleader was able to immediately return to the previous car and she was able to speed away with her friends. When the girls pulled over later, Washington reportedly saw blood on her seat and threw up blood herself.

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