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Up To $1,000 Direct Payment For Americans: Check Eligibility Here!

Direct Payment For Americans
Up To $1,000 Direct Payment For Americans (PHOTO: MARCA)

According to New Mexico Taxation & Revenue Department, up to $1,000 in direct payment will be available for Americans next month.

Direct Payment For Americans

Up To $1,000 Direct Payment For Americans (PHOTO: Marca)

Direct Payment Up to $1,000

Residents in New Mexico can be eligible for a one-time direct payment of up to $1,000 next month, thanks to the approved rebates for New Mexico taxpayers.

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grishan and the New Mexico Legislature have approved the economic relief payments to residents of New Mexico. They are not required to file their taxes.

These rebates for New Mexico residents will help families with the rising consumer prices that strain the budgets of every resident across the nation.

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Here Is Important Information about the Direct Payment:

  • Married couples filing jointly, surviving spouses, and heads of households can receive up to a $1,000 refundable tax rebate.
  • Married individuals filing separately and single filers can receive up to a $500 rebate.
  • These tax rebates will be sent automatically to residents of New Mexico who filed Personal Income Tax returns in 2021 and must not be declared as recipients on another taxpayer’s return.
  • There are no applications required for these rebates.
  • Residents have until May 31, 2024, to file their 2021 Personal Income Tax return.
  • The date of release will be in Mid-June this year.

For more information and update, just visit the New Mexico Taxation & Revenue Department’s site.

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