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Mob Violence in Mexico Claims Life of Man Accused of Stealing Broccoli Stalks

A man was beaten and burned to death by a mob in San Miguel Tianguistenco, a village east of Mexico City, for allegedly stealing a pair of broccoli stalks out of necessity. The man, identified only as Apolonio, later died of his injuries despite intervention by local police.

Mexican prosecutors reported on Thursday that a group of approximately 150 locals lynched a poor man for stealing broccoli from a field.

Prosecutor Vows to Punish Those Responsible


Gilberto Higuera, Puebla State’s head prosecutor, has vowed to track down and punish those guilty of the heinous murder. An estimated 150 townspeople participated in the incident, some beating the man with a baseball bat and others dousing him with gasoline, Fox News reported.


Mob attacks are not uncommon in Mexico, with poverty and desperation often leading individuals to commit savage acts. The incident raises concerns about the prevalence of mob violence and vigilantism in the country and the need for authorities to address poverty and prevent such incidents.


In accordance with Mexican laws protecting the identity of crime suspects and victims, the man was identified only by his first name, Apolonio. The prosecutor stated that all those who committed the act would be charged and brought to justice.


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Mob Killings in Mexico


This incident is not the first of its kind in Mexico. According to Fox News28 Savannah, in 2019, one of the largest mob killings occurred in another village in Puebla, where inhabitants killed seven men they accused of kidnapping.


The prevalence of mob violence and vigilantism in Mexico is a serious issue that must be addressed by authorities to maintain public safety and ensure justice for victims. The incident is considered a savage act that cannot be overlooked, and those responsible will face the consequences of their actions.


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