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Calls for San Francisco-area DA’s Resignation over handling of Alleged Gang Members Charged in Toddler’s Freeway Shooting

Supporters of Jasper Wu demonstrated against Pamela Price, the district attorney for Alameda County.

Protesters demanded the resignation of Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price over her handling of the case against three gang members charged in the shooting of an Asian toddler according to the report of Fox News.

In November 2021, two-year-old Jasper Wu was shot and died on a highway in California.

Calls for Price to Step Down

Pamela Price, former District Attorney of Alameda County, has been accused of not seeking serious charges against the alleged killers of Jasper Wu, leading to calls for her resignation. AAPI and other crime victims have accused Price of not doing enough to hold those responsible accountable.

Price’s decision to review the case has raised concerns that she may deviate from the charges brought by her predecessor. This has caused outrage among those seeking justice for Wu and has fueled calls for Price to step down from her position.

The murder of Jasper Wu has sparked widespread outrage, with many calling for a thorough investigation and prosecution of those responsible. The AAPI community has expressed concern over the rise in hate crimes and violence against Asian Americans based on the report of SFStandard. Pamela Price’s handling of the case has further fueled these concerns and has prompted a call for accountability and justice. The demand for justice for Jasper Wu and others like him will continue until those responsible are held accountable.


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Price’s Progressive Campaign Faces Criticism


Price’s progressive approach to criminal justice has been both praised and criticized. While some see her focus on rehabilitation and reducing incarceration rates as a step in the right direction, others argue that her policies could lead to a rise in crime. The case of Jasper Wu has become a flashpoint in this debate, with some accusing Price of being too lenient on the suspects and failing to prioritize justice for the victim and his family.

The controversy surrounding Price’s handling of the case has raised questions about the role of prosecutors in the criminal justice system. Some argue that prosecutors have a duty to seek justice and hold offenders accountable, while others argue that they should also consider the underlying causes of crime and work towards addressing them. This debate is likely to continue as Price’s tenure as District Attorney unfolds.

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