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Prince Harry Accuses Royal Family of Withholding Information in Phone Hacking Lawsuit Against Daily Mail Publisher

Prince Harry has accused the royal family of delaying a phone hacking case against The Daily Mail’s publisher. Attorneys for the newspaper argued that the complaint should be dismissed because it was brought too late. In a witness statement for his lawsuit, Harry said “the institution” prevented him from learning about the activity of The Daily Mail by withholding information about phone hacking by other tabloids. The lawsuits by Harry and six other claimants allege that Associated Newspapers Ltd. Commissioned the “breaking and entry into private property” by hiring private investigators to bug homes and cars and record phone conversations. The publisher denies the allegations.


The litigation, which is based on events dating back to 1993, was argued in court this week, a decade after a phone hacking scandal prompted the UK’s Leveson inquiry in 2012, which investigated lawbreaking by the British press and resulted in the criminal convictions of several journalists and private investigators. Associated Newspapers’ lawyer, Adrian Beltrami, argued that the cases should be thrown out because they were not filed within a six-year limitation period.


Because of the covert nature of the probing, Harry and other parties claimed they were in the dark. They claimed that Associated Press journalists misled them when they denied using phone hacking and other methods to gather information for their articles. Some investigators have admitted hacking on behalf of the Daily Mail and other newspapers. Harry, who has many lawsuits pending against the news media, has decided to devote his life to changing the British tabloids. He blames the death of his mother, Princess Diana, in a car crash in 1997 on an excessively aggressive press and has accused reporters and photographers of hounding his wife, Meghan.

An article done by Brian Melley of the Associated Press and posted by USA Today on March 29, 2023, contributed to this report.

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