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Son Of Ohio Judge Sentenced To Prison For Murder Of Wife

Son of Ohio Judge Who Murdered Wife
Son of Ohio Judge Who Murdered Wife

Omnisun Azali, son of a Judge from Ohio, was sentenced to prison for the murder of his wife in May 2021. The jury found Azali guilty of domestic violence, assault, and the murder of his wife, says Kalmbacher.

Mwaka Azali Murdered By Husband [Photo: Laws in Texas]

Mwaka Azali Murdered By Husband [Photo: Laws in Texas]

During the trial presided over by Judge Patricia Cosgrove in late November, Omnisun Azali, 36, never denied that he shot and killed his wife, Mwaka Azali, in their home in Euclid, Ohio on May 26, 2021. However, Azali claimed that it was Mwaka who initially shot at him thrice. Mwaka was allegedly preparing for her fourth shot when Azali got a hold of his .40-caliber and killed his wife. During the testimony of Court Judge Cassandra Collier-Williams, Azali’s mother, the 911 call for help to her son’s residence in the 100 block of E. 265th was made by her, says Houmard.

Self-Defense Or Murder?

When police arrived on the scene, they discovered Mwaka’s dead body shot thrice: twice in the side of her head and once in her cheek. Prosecutors stated that the shot in her cheek had the gun barrel pressed up against her face. They said that shot suggests murder and not self-defense.

Azali was sentenced to spend 15 years to life in prison. And another six years were added for two different firearms specifications. Azali was also charged with two counts of murder and one count each of felonious assault and domestic violence, as reported by Kalmbacher.

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