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Morgan Sessions: 17-Year-Old Utah Teen Missing For 2 Weeks Now

Morgan Sessions disappeared from her home in the middle of the night and hasn't been seen or heard from in nearly two weeks (Photo from KUTV)

With the Gabby Petito case highlighting missing people, there are now numerous cases making headlines. The katest to do so is Morgan Sessions, a 17-year-old from Eagle Mountain, Utah. Sessions reportedly disappeared without a hint on September 20, leaving behind her wallet, phone, and all other belongings. Strangely, she vanished someday in the night after a normal day with her parents.

There is no hint of how Sessions disappeared. As of now, there may also be no recognized person of interest. Making the case more challenging is that Sessions left her belongings at home, making her very difficult to track. As with Brian Laundrie, the police show up to be reliant on CCTV and different sightings to detect the teen. The family has now turned to the public for help, highlighting their story in the media.

The Utah County Sheriff’s Office mainly searches for Sessions, Meaww said. But the household is also making their investigation. So far, they’ve had little luck, leading Sessions’ mother, Rebecca Davis, to say there is something wrong.

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Where Is Morgan Sessions?

People believe Sessions is around Eagle Mountain, a city forty miles from the capital of Salt Lake City. The family is focusing its search on Eagle Mountain, and the town of St. Geroge around 300 miles away. Located close to the Arizona border, the family believes Sessions could have made it to the metropolis of St. George due to the fact of “family ties”. It’s uncertain how she would have made the ride though, given that she left her pockets and car at home.

Morgan Sessions has not been seen since Sept. 20, 2021, according to news outlet KUTV. (Photo by KUTV)

Meanwhile, the Utah County Sheriff’s Office is busy speaking to family, co-workers, and scanning telephone records for any clues to the whereabouts of the teen. The family has also achieved widespread groundwork, checking the cameras at gas stations, Starbucks, and even at homeless shelters. But so some distance there is been no sightings of Sessions.

The case has drawn considerable media attention because of the suddenness and the bizarreness of Sessions’ disappearance. According to her parents, the day before she vanished, it used to be a perfectly regular day. According to KUTV, Davis helped her daughter with her homework and then went to bed. She went gone the following morning. She left her backpack with the assignment they had made.  Daily Mail said Sessions left her purse and phone, Chromebooks, and the matters she spent a lot of time and cash on to earn.

Davis delivered that it was notably unlikely Morgan would go away her telephone or vehicle at the back of given that she had spent “months saving for” it. She had also just began a new job, and was “planning for her future after excessive school”. Also regarding the household is the fact that Sessions “is a trusting character who constantly finds the great in others.” They are concerned that it may have been used towards her.

If all and sundry has any information, they are requested to contact the Utah County Sheriff’s Office. So far, the police officers don’t appear to have any leads and have not commented to the press. 

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