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80% of Clothing & School Supplies Up to $100 Exempt from Sales Tax: Mississippi’s Tax-Free Weekend- 3 Day Savings Bonanza!

What Items Qualify for Mississippi’s Tax-Free Weekend?

Tips for Maximizing Savings During Mississippi’s Tax-Free Holiday

According to Clarion Ledger, this weekend Mississippians are eagerly anticipating the annual tax-free holiday set to commence at 12:01 a.m. on Friday and conclude at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday July 14. During these three days residents throughout the state will benefit from a sales tax exemption on eligible items priced at less than $100 each. This initiative overseen by the Mississippi Department of Revenue aims to provide financial relief to families and encourage consumer spending. Eligible purchases encompass a broad array of clothing items including jackets, jeans, footwear and sports jerseys as well as related accessories all priced below the $100 threshold. However items such as jewelry, handbags, and school supplies are explicitly excluded from the tax-free status.

Consumers looking to maximize their savings can utilize discounts and store coupons to bring eligible items under the $100 mark, though manufacturer’s coupons do not apply for this purpose. Importantly purchases made online by mail-order or over the phone qualify for the tax exemption provided they are ordered and paid for during the designated tax-free weekend. Moreover shoppers are permitted to buy multiple eligible items in a single transaction without incurring sales tax as long as each individual item meets the price criteria. Any single item priced above $100 will be subject to sales tax based on its full value regardless of other items in the transaction.

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80% of Clothing & School Supplies Up to $100 Exempt from Sales Tax: Mississippi’s Tax-Free Weekend- 3 Day Savings Bonanza! (PHOTO: USA Today)

Save on Back-to-School Supplies During Mississippi’s Tax-Free Weekend

The scope of the tax-free weekend extends beyond apparel to include essential school supplies like paper, pens, binders, and book bags. This provision offers families an opportunity to stock up on back-to-school necessities without the added burden of sales tax. For those planning to utilize rain checks or make exchanges during the tax-free period it is crucial to complete these transactions within the specified timeframe to qualify for the exemption. As the countdown to the tax-free weekend begins retailers across Mississippi are preparing for heightened customer traffic ensuring their shelves are stocked with eligible merchandise and their staff is ready to assist shoppers in making the most of this tax-saving opportunity.

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