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£80 Fines for Parents: Barnsley Council Cracks Down on Unauthorized School Absences, Starting September!

Tougher Penalties for Term-Time Absences

Government Support for Consistent Attendance Policies

According to BBC, Barnsley Council is planning to introduce higher fines for parents who take their children out of school during term time part of a new nationwide effort in England starting this September. Under the updated rules parents will be fined £80 per child if their child misses more than five days of school. This fine doubles to £160 if not paid within 21 days. Repeat offenses within three years will result in even higher fines and a third occurrence could lead to legal prosecution. The conviction could also affect parents’ future records appearing on their Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate for failing to ensure their child’s education.

The fines will also apply to cases where students have 10 unauthorized half-day absences within 10 weeks. Schools will decide on issuing fines while Barnsley Council will manage the process. The council’s cabinet will review these plans on July 10 as reported by the Local Democracy Reporting Service. The government backs these measures emphasizing their importance for children’s education, development, and mental well-being. The aim is to create consistent school attendance policies nationwide.

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£80 Fines for Parents: Barnsley Council Cracks Down on Unauthorized School Absences, Starting September! (PHOTO: Rayo)

Commitment to Academic Success and Development

Carly Speechley, Barnsley’s executive director for children’s services affirmed the council’s dedication to ensuring every child and young person in the borough receives a high-quality education and fulfills their potential. She highlighted the detrimental effects of poor school attendance on academic achievement social growth and future opportunities for young people. The proposed fines are viewed as a critical step in tackling these issues and encouraging regular school attendance among families in Barnsley.

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