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New Mexico Wildfire Relief: Food Aid Available, Stay Safe with New Smoke Detection Tool

Wildfire Relief Efforts in New Mexico: How You Can Get Help

Fires Leave Devastating Impact on New Mexico Communities

According to publicnewsservice, After big fires and floods in New Mexico, some Americans who were affected might be able to get extra food help. This extra help will give them a month’s worth of groceries. Dr. Srikanth Paladugu, from the New Mexico Department of Health, says that people who live in areas that are prone to wildfires should always be prepared. The recent fires have been very bad, and people should take care of their health.

The fires were very big and destroyed many homes and buildings. Some people got hurt, and some even died. People who live in Lincoln and Otero counties can apply for the extra food help starting next week. Dr. Paladugu said that during the last big fire, there were many more people going to the hospital than usual.

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New Mexico Wildfire Relief: Food Aid Available, Stay Safe with New Smoke Detection Tool (PHOTO: GOOGLE)

Staying Safe During Wildfire Season: New Tool Aids in Smoke Detection

Dr. Paladugu also introduced a new tool that helps people know when it’s not safe to be outside because of smoke. This tool uses landmarks and miles to tell us how far away the smoke is. If you can see things that are 5 miles away, some people should stay inside to keep themselves safe. This includes young children, older adults, pregnant women, and people with lung or heart problems. If you feel sick from the smoke, you should take care of yourself and talk to a doctor if you need to.

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