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Michigan Allocates $48.2 Million to Combat Opioid Epidemic: Experts Raise Concerns

(photo: Los Angeles Times)

Michigan has allocated $48.2 million to combat the opioid epidemic.

Michigan Allocates $48.2 Million to Combat Opioid Epidemic

Michigan has allocated $48.2 million to combat the opioid epidemic which claims one life every four hours. The funding comes from a 2023 settlement with opioid companies and will support community mental health resources, tribal assistance, and recovery housing, according to the report of The Center Square.

Andy’s Place Expands Services

Andy’s Place, a recovery housing complex in Jackson, Michigan has received a $3 million grant to expand its services. The complex provides units for individuals and families, addiction coaches, and community spaces.

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(photo: Bridge Michigan)

Mental Health Experts Express Concerns

Despite the significant funding, some mental health experts are concerned that the state is not fully listening to their recommendations. Dr. Cara Poland says the commission’s suggestions have been ignored including calls for a needs assessment and expedited spending.

Prudence Over Quick Fixes

Amy Dolinky argues that while quick action is crucial and it’s equally important to prioritize prudence and careful planning. Quick spending may not address systemic issues or provide space for community inclusion.

Attorney General Vows to Avoid Mistakes

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has promised to avoid the mistakes of the tobacco settlements where funds were not spent on prevention and remediation. Nessel has also vowed that the opioid settlement funds will not get stuck in political limbo.

Resources Available

The attorney general’s office has launched a website providing resources for individuals and counties to combat the opioid epidemic. The initiative aims to ensure resources are easily accessible and effective in addressing the crisis.

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