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$1.6M One-Time Settlement for Newcourse Data Breach & Kirkland Wipes – Check Eligibility & Claim Now!

Claim Up to $4,500 in One-Time Settlement Payments from Newcourse Communications Data Breach

Americans Eligible for $4,500 Payout in Newcourse Data Breach Settlement

According to The US Sun, Americans with Social Security numbers are eligible to claim a one-time settlement payment worth up to $4,500 following a data breach involving Newcourse Communications. The commercial printing company was the target of a cyber attack in spring 2022 which led to the unintentional compromise of Social Security numbers. Despite not admitting any wrongdoing Newcourse Communications has agreed to a $600,000 one-time settlement to resolve the claims. The lawsuit against Newcourse Communications alleges the company did not implement adequate cybersecurity measures to prevent the breach and failed to promptly inform affected individuals. Impacted Americans were only notified in October 2022, months after the breach occurred.

The one-time settlement payments will be available to those whose Social Security numbers were compromised and those who were not directly affected by the data breach. Individuals who suffered ordinary data breaches can claim up to $500 provided they can show proof of losses. Acceptable proof includes receipts, bank statements, and credit reports. For those who experienced significant losses not already covered payments of up to $4,000 can be claimed. There are significant dates to keep in mind even though the precise day for the distribution of these funds is yet unknown. By August 24th claims must be submitted. Forms for filing claims can be mailed or submitted online. That being said July 10 is the cutoff date for opting out of the settlement. Any payments will not be made to anyone who opts out of the settlement. Any objections or requests for exclusions must be mailed. On October 11 there will be a final approval hearing for the deal.

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$1.6M One-Time Settlement for Newcourse Data Breach & Kirkland Wipes – Check Eligibility & Claim Now! (PHOTO: Turke & Strauss LLP)

Kirkland Flushable Wipes One-Time Settlement Offers $55.90 to Eligible Shoppers

This case is an example of a class-action lawsuit which allows groups of people with similar grievances to band together in court. Class actions often result in settlements where companies agree to compensate affected individuals without admitting wrongdoing, primarily to avoid the costs of prolonged litigation. These lawsuits can address issues like pollution, discrimination, or false advertising. In related news, Americans who purchased Kirkland flushable wipes can claim part of a $2 million settlement due to a lawsuit alleging the wipes damaged plumbing. The deadline to file claims for this settlement is August 9 with a final approval hearing set for August 30. This payment is worth $55.90 and is available to shoppers nationwide.

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