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$10,000 Boost for SNAP Recipients: Cleveland County Farmers’ Markets Unveil Game-Changing Incentive!

SNAP Recipients Get Extra Benefits at Cleveland County Farmers’ Markets

Earn Up to $10 Extra in Market Moolah for Fresh Produce with SNAP in Cleveland County

According to Shelby Star, in Cleveland County SNAP recipients can get extra benefits when they shop at local farmers’ markets. Mary Cornwell the market manager announced a new program to help SNAP recipients make healthier food choices. Since 2016, these markets have accepted SNAP benefits but now there’s an added incentive: up to an extra $10 in Market Moolah to spend on fresh fruits and vegetables. When SNAP recipients visit the farmers’ markets in Cleveland County they can head to the information booth with their EBT/SNAP card. There they can exchange their benefits for $1 tokens. For each transaction they’ll get an additional $10 in Market Moolah which can be used to buy fresh produce. These tokens don’t expire and can be used at various food tables throughout the markets.

The market outreach coordinator Ron McCollum stressed that fresh reasonably priced food had to be available to all. In his opinion, this new initiative makes visiting neighborhood farmers’ markets enjoyable and advantageous for consumers. The HealthCare Foundation and Healthy Together Cleveland are supporting this effort. By uniting leaders and organizations Healthy Together Cleveland seeks to enhance community health. The North Carolina Healthcare Association, Population Health Improvement Partners, and The Duke Endowment are supporting this partnership as it is a part of the Healthy People, Healthy Carolinas effort. Increasing the influence on a healthy diet and active lifestyle in Cleveland County is the aim.

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$10,000 Boost for SNAP Recipients: Cleveland County Farmers’ Markets Unveil Game-Changing Incentive! (PHOTO: Texas Standard)

Healthy Together Cleveland‘s Impact on SNAP Benefits

Furthermore, hunger is a significant issue in Cleveland County with 25,038 individuals relying on SNAP benefits. This number includes many children. Unfortunately, 1 in 3 people facing hunger do not qualify for SNAP benefits and many report needing over $20 more per week to meet their food needs. The Healthy Together Cleveland coalition is dedicated to addressing these issues. By aligning health and social efforts they aim to create a more significant impact. The Duke Endowment’s Healthy People, Healthy Carolinas grant supports this mission helping the coalition use the collective impact framework to bring about social change.

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