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Thousands of NC Residents Waiting for Tax Refunds: What’s Causing the Delay and How to Get Your Money Faster

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Thousands of North Carolinians are waiting for their tax refunds.

North Carolina Tax Refunds

Thousands of North Carolinians are still waiting for their tax refunds, with one Raleigh resident expressing frustration and disappointment. According to the N.C. Department of Revenue, refunds typically take two weeks to process, but additional reviews can cause delays, according to the report of The Charlotte Observer.

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Why Delays Happen

The NCDOR has implemented new measures to protect taxpayers’ identity and ensure accurate refunds. Common reasons for delays include math errors, multiple form types, or missing information on the return.

Check Your Refund Status

Taxpayers can check their refund status on the NCDOR website or by contacting the Office of the Taxpayer Advocate at 919-715-2080. Keeping an eye on your refund status can avoid unnecessary delays and confusion.

Interest on Late Refunds

If your refund is delayed, you’ll receive interest if it’s not issued within 45 days from the due date, filing date, or date of overpayment.

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