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$120 SUNbucks Bonus + Milk Discounts: Ohio’s Summer Support for Families – Check it Out!

Ohio SNAP Families Receive $120 SUNbucks Bonus Per Child This Summer Through SUNbucks Program

Meijer Offers 40% Milk Discount for Ohio SNAP Clients with SUNbucks Bonus

According to WKBN, Ohio families who are eligible for SNAP benefits are receiving additional assistance this summer. For summer expenses each child in a SNAP home will receive an additional $120 thanks to the new SUNbucks program. This benefit is intended to make up for the loss that occurs when kids miss school meals over the summer. In addition to their current Ohio Direction cards families will receive these SUNbucks bonus  by July 31 according to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS). If a family is currently receiving Medicaid, Ohio Works First (OWF), SNAP or other forms of assistance many of them will be automatically eligible for this benefit. Families that are granted free or reduced school meals will also be eligible for this benefit without having to submit an application.

For those who aren’t automatically enrolled but believe they qualify it’s essential to fill out a school meal application as soon as possible. The application requires basic information such as the child’s name, school, date of birth, address and household income. Importantly, no additional documents like social security numbers proof of citizenship or pay stubs are needed. In another effort to help families Meijer is offering significant discounts on milk for SNAP clients. The store has reduced the price of any brand of 1% or fat-free milk by 40%, thanks to a grant from Auburn University’s Hunger Solutions Institute. This move is designed to make healthy options more affordable for families.

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$120 SUNbucks Bonus + Milk Discounts: Ohio’s Summer Support for Families – Check it Out! (PHOTO: MIRA)

Ohio‘s SUNbucks Bonus  and Meijer’s Discounts Boost Summer Nutrition for Families

Furthermore, besides the milk discount Meijer continues to provide a 10% discount on qualifying produce for SNAP customers. They also offer free home delivery for those using SNAP benefits. These measures aim to stretch the extra $120 from SUNbucks bonus even further making nutritious food more accessible during the summer months. This additional support comes at a crucial time helping families ensure their children get the nutrition they need when school is out. By combining the SUNbucks program and Meijer’s discounts Ohio is working to make this summer a little easier for families in need.

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