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New York Businesses Unite Against Medicaid Tax Plan: “Devastating” Impact on Employers and Workers

New York Businesses Protest Medicaid Tax: “Devastating” Impact on Employers and Workers

Governor Kathy Hochul Urged to Reconsider Healthcare Tax: “Unaffordable” Premiums Looming

According to TheCenterSquare, A group of businesses in New York are asking the governor, Kathy Hochul, to change a plan that could make health insurance more expensive for employers and workers. The plan is to add a new tax on companies that help manage healthcare for people on Medicaid. The businesses think this will make it harder for them to offer affordable healthcare to their employees.

The group is worried that the new tax will add to the already high costs that businesses have to pay for health insurance. They think this will lead to higher premiums for families and individuals who buy health insurance. They are asking Governor Hochul to find other ways to make up for the lost money instead of making businesses pay more.

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New York Businesses Unite Against Medicaid Tax Plan: “Devastating” Impact on Employers and Workers (PHOTO: SingleCare)

Financial Experts Slam Medicaid Tax Plan: “Fiscally Unsustainable” and “Short-Sighted

A group that checks the state’s finances also thinks this plan is a bad idea. They say it’s like counting on money that might not come in, and it’s not a good way to make long-term plans. With healthcare costs already being a big concern for businesses, this plan could make things even harder.

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