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Governor Murphy Supports Newark’s Summer EBT Program: Ensuring Nutritional Support for Students


Newark is enhancing student engagement and nutrition through city and school summer programs.

Newark Summer Programs Foster Academic Enrichment and Nutritional Support

This summer in Newark, families have access to city and school programs aimed at keeping students engaged academically and well-fed. Over 6,000 public school students are participating in these programs, which include mandatory academic sessions and various recreational activities. Superintendent Roger León stresses the importance of helping students improve in math and reading while offering accelerated courses and internships to enhance their educational experience.

Newark is providing additional food support through citywide meal distributions and federal aid programs. The Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) program is particularly crucial, helping low-income families purchase nutritious food for their children during the summer when school meals are not available. Governor Phil Murphy and the state are committed to ensuring that all students have access to essential nutrition, supporting their learning and overall well-being, according to the report of Chalk Beat.

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(photo: The Packer)

Governor Murphy Advocates Year-Round Nutrition and Academic Support for Newark Students

Governor Murphy emphasizes the importance of programs like Summer EBT in providing students with the nutrition they need to thrive academically and grow healthily. By extending food assistance beyond the school year, New Jersey aims to address nutritional gaps and support families in maintaining their children’s health and development. Newark and the state are actively working to support families and enhance educational opportunities throughout the year.

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