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50,000 New Mexico SNAP Recipients to Benefit from New Emergency Measure: Hot Food Waiver Now Available Through July 26, 2024!

NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 05: A sign alerting customers about SNAP food stamps benefits is displayed in a Brooklyn grocery store on December 5, 2019 in New York City. Earlier this week the Trump Administration announced stricter requirements for food stamps benefits that would cut support for nearly 700,000 poor Americans. (Photo by Scott Heins/Getty Images)

Expanded SNAP Benefits During Emergencies

Flexibility in SNAP Program to Address Immediate Food Needs

According to KRQE NEWS, in response to recent wildfires and flooding affecting New Mexicans, the state has implemented a temporary measure to aid SNAP recipients. Effective immediately until July 26, 2024 individuals enrolled in the SNAP program can utilize their EBT cards to purchase hot ready-to-eat foods from deli departments at authorized locations. This emergency benefit approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Services at the request of the Human Services Department (HSD) aims to assist families unable to prepare meals due to the impact of these natural disasters.

Traditionally SNAP benefits restrict the purchase of hot foods, limiting transactions to uncooked or cold items at grocery stores. The waiver now allows beneficiaries in New Mexico to access hot foods recognizing the urgent needs of households affected by wildfires and flooding. This flexibility ensures that families facing hardships can conveniently obtain nutritious meals from participating locations although the benefit does not extend to purchases at restaurants or non-authorized establishments. The initiative is designed to provide essential support during challenging times reflecting the state’s commitment to helping vulnerable populations in crisis.

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50,000 New Mexico SNAP Recipients to Benefit from New Emergency Measure: Hot Food Waiver Now Available Through July 26, 2024! (PHOTO: Department of Human Services –

Collaborative Efforts to Support SNAP Recipients in Natural Disaster Recovery

This initiative highlights New Mexico’s proactive approach in supporting its residents in the aftermath of natural disasters. By extending the temporary hot food benefit through coordinated efforts with federal authorities and local partners the HSD aims to alleviate some of the immediate hardships faced by SNAP recipients. The state remains dedicated to monitoring and responding to ongoing needs arising from these emergencies emphasizing resilience and well-being within affected communities. The continuation of collaborative efforts underscores a commitment to supporting recovery efforts and ensuring access to vital resources for those most impacted by the recent natural disasters.

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