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$1.25 Million Settlement Alert: Claim Your Share of Milwaukee Tool’s Bonded Abrasive Wheel Compensation Before July 2, 2024!

Settlement Opportunity for Consumers

Milwaukee Tool Agrees to Improve Packaging

According to The U.S. Sun, in a time-sensitive opportunity Americans have a short window to participate in a $1.25 million settlement resulting from a class action lawsuit against Milwaukee Tool. The lawsuit accused Milwaukee Tool of inaccurately labeling expiration dates on its bonded abrasive wheels, which could have posed safety risks to consumers who relied on these products beyond their indicated shelf life. Although Milwaukee Tool did not admit fault it agreed to settle the lawsuit to avoid prolonged legal proceedings and associated expenses. As part of the settlement terms the company committed to improving its packaging by providing accurate expiration dates and clear safety warnings to enhance consumer awareness and product safety in the future.

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$1.25 Million Settlement Alert: Claim Your Share of Milwaukee Tool’s Bonded Abrasive Wheel Compensation Before July 2, 2024! (PHOTO:

Claim Requirements and Deadline

To be eligible for compensation from the settlement fund individuals must have purchased Milwaukee Tool’s bonded abrasive wheels between January 1, 2017 and April 18, 2024. Notably claimants are not required to provide proof of purchase to qualify for compensation. However those who can substantiate their purchases may be eligible for higher payouts. For claimants without proof of purchase the settlement offers a fixed payment of $2.50 per unit of the abrasive wheels capped at a maximum of $20. Conversely those with proof of purchase can claim an unlimited number of units with a maximum payout of $100.

The deadline for submitting claims and opting out of the settlement is set for July 2, 2024. Following a final hearing scheduled for August 16, 2024 pending court approval payouts are anticipated to commence shortly thereafter. This settlement process highlights the pivotal role of class action lawsuits in ensuring corporate accountability and safeguarding consumer rights. By providing affected individuals with a mechanism to seek redress such settlements aim to uphold standards of fairness and transparency in product labeling and safety across the United States.

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