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Federal Government Poised to Reclassify Marijuana: What’s Changing and Why

(photo: CBS 8)

The Biden administration is poised to announce a new rule that would reclassify marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule III.

Federal Government Poised to Reclassify Marijuana, Marking Historic Shift in US Policy

The Biden administration is preparing to announce a new rule that would reclassify marijuana under federal law, moving it from Schedule I to Schedule III, acknowledging its potential medical benefits. This change would allow for expanded research pharmaceutical companies to sell medical marijuana in legal states and alleviate financial burdens on the industry. However, critics warn of potential risks including increased accessibility and links to mental health issues, according to the report of NBC News.

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(photo: The Boston Globe)

Biden Administration’s Reclassification Move Marks a Shift in National Policy

The US Health Department recommends reviewing marijuana’s classification, a shift from past administrations. Backed by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, the move aims to balance medical benefits with regulatory oversight. The process may face legal and congressional challenges, but it marks a significant moment in the national debate on cannabis policy.

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