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$850 Monthly Payments Empower Atlanta’s Single Mothers through In Her Hands Program

(photo: GiveDirectly)

In Her Hands pilot program provided transformative monthly cash payments to single mothers like Shamarra Woods.

How Cash Support Program Empowered Atlanta’s Single Mothers

In Atlanta, Shamarra Woods found support through Georgia’s In Her Hands pilot program, aimed at helping low-income Black women. Launched in 2022 by The Georgia Resilience and Opportunity Fund and GiveDirectly, the initiative provided Woods and 649 others with monthly cash payments for two years aiming to ease financial pressures and empower families, according to the report of Business Insider.

For Woods, a single mother, the unrestricted cash from In Her Hands was transformative. Initially used for essentials like diapers and formula, the funds later supported stable daycare crucial for her job and career advancement.

Reflecting on her experience, Woods emphasized the program’s impact for struggling individuals. “Single mothers and women trying to make it don’t have the support they need,” she shared. For Woods, financial stability meant laying a foundation for her daughter’s future in Atlanta where she hopes for a prosperous life.

The program studied different payment structures, with Group A receiving $850 monthly for 24 months and Group B a lump sum followed by monthly payments. Results after the first year showed participants reported greater stability and housing security compared to similar income groups not in the program.

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(photo: Georgia Public Broadcasting)

Georgia’s Basic Income Initiative Gains Momentum

Georgia’s basic income pilot faced legal challenges and political opposition. Advocates defended it as vital in addressing racial and economic disparities, arguing for its continuation in poverty alleviation and community empowerment efforts.

Looking ahead, The Georgia Resilience and Opportunity Fund and GiveDirectly expanded the In Her Hands program. New phases in Atlanta’s underserved neighborhoods aim to build on initial success offering different payment structures to study long-term impacts on financial security and economic mobility.

For Woods and others, Georgia’s commitment to basic income offers a safety net and potential pathway to economic empowerment. As she plans for her daughter’s future and Woods remains hopeful programs like In Her Hands will continue supporting families across the state.

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